Time is Winding Down

Published April 25, 2016 by Eleanor

It seems like yesterday, since we started this entrepreneurship/communication course – COMM3248. We anticipated being bored with figures, long dead-end lectures and the notion that it will be challenging. All’s well that ends well. It has been tremendously great that we have learnt so much in such a short space of time. We have had guest lectures every two weeks and met familiar and unfamiliar faces within the communicative/entrepreneurship industry giving us insights of their struggles starting their business and how it is within this industry. The approach to this course was least expected especially when given the assignment to do a movie review – Our group reviewed “The Intern” and it was my first time watching it.

The reviews from other groups were great but it didn’t stop there. As a group, we had to present our movie in a creative and entertaining manner. All ideas were expected to be solely ours. Prior to the presentation of artistry, we had to do an actual summary of the movie and what was our take of it in terms of communicative entrepreneurship. Who was the leader protagonist within the movie and how did they cope as an entrepreneur based on the attributes they portrayed.

I enjoyed this aspect of the course as it encouraged us as members of the team to work cooperatively.


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