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23 Jamaicans Selected as Chevening Scholars: Congratulations to All!

Published August 26, 2016 by Eleanor

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting the Jamaicans who had been selected for Chevening Scholarships in the UK. It was great getting to know them, and I am sure they benefited greatly from their year of study. This year, even more Jamaicans (and one Bahamian) are going off to the UK shortly. Please find […]

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Its So Hard to Say Goodbye

Published April 29, 2016 by Eleanor

We are close to the end of COMM3248 and after these weeks of information, research, presentations and group work. We are almost there, we have one final project to go for the commencement of this course. This certainly was challenging, insightful and somewhat fun. We were engaged to do individual and group work and our teamwork was seen as vital which encouraged us to plan soundly for the betterment of our groups. Let me give you an idea of some of what we were enlightened by in class:

  1. The Communication Cycle as a Microcosm of Marketing – This entails the different processes within the communication cycle which helps in marketing.
  2. Blogging – To create a personalize blog space and weekly add content and this was our way of maintaining it. Most of my blog emphasized on the word of God, thus the name – ♥Heavenly Notes♥
  3. What and who is an Entrepreneur?
    1. An Entrepreneur is someone who manages, develops and organizes a company/enterprise with a capacity of making money.
    2. Intrapreneur – This was a new term for me which means someone who is challenged by their employers’ mission to succeed within an organization.
  4. The Defining characteristics of a successful entrepreneur – We were given 20 attributes. I will list five (5):
    1. Resourceful
    2. Optimistic
    3. Adaptable
    4. Risk-Taking
    5. Visionary
  5. The Pros and Cons of a Entrepreneurship in Media & Communication
  6. The Services as Products
  7. Idea Generation which entails from Idea to Reality – Entrepreneurship
  8. Strategic Planning as an Entrepreneur
  9. Elevator Pitch for the Business Model [Group] – Rapid Research: This business model entails a research company based in Jamaica but will offer information/data both on a local, regional and international basis.
  10. Site Visit to – Jamaica Stock Market
  11. Business Plan [Group Project] – This will be a follow-up from the elevator pitch which will include deeper research. This plan will include information in a more detailed format of how we intend to survive as a business.

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Thank you for visiting my page and weekly blogs and do come back again as I will continue to support bloggers out there and hope you will do the same for me.

Special Thanks and Shout Out to Mr. Gerrard “Gerry” McDaniel, Lecturer of COMM3248 and Communications Consultant


Site Visit to the Jamaica Stock Exchange

Published April 28, 2016 by Eleanor



My class of COMM3248, 2016Entrepreneurial Skills in the Communication Industry went on a site visit yesterday, April 26 to the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) which enabled us to gain some insights on the stock market as another financing option. The JSE is designed to encourage & promote investments in Jamaica’s entrepreneurship, employment & economic development. The trading of stocks entails an option to buy and sell whether as an individual or company & this is done in an arena with strict regulations. This is for the protection of us as investors. Owning stocks means you own a piece of a company (part owner). Once you own shares/stocks in a company, you are considered as a “share/stock holder.” These companies are listed on a local, regional & global basis which forms the core of JSE. It is the oldest stock market in the English-speaking Caribbean.

  • Buyers – Investors
  • Sellers – Listed Companies

JSE forms a vital link between companies needing capital & ourselves with money to invest. Stocks can be referred to as equities or shares which is bought or sold by a licenced Broker (Agent). There is a brokers fee which is charged as a commission for their service. There is a listing online of the listed instruments (companies) of which you may visit too – https://www.jamstockex.com/. I found 138 Housing Student Housing (UWI) in the listing which surprisingly is a limited company. As a prospective investor, you need to investigate your list of potential companies that seem favourable to you. Seek professional advice from a broker or a qualified person. Carefully check their financial background which is crucial for your future investment. After purchase of shares; you have to monitor & track your investments & that would comprise learning how to read basic financial statements & publications. Shareholders can benefit from the following:

  • Growth of his/her shares overtime. The shares can be worth more than what you paid for them initially – Price Appreciation.
  • Gain Capital
  • Can receive income through dividends (earnings such as profits) which is paid by the company annually, bi-annual or quarterly.
  • Shareholders get voting rights – Annual General Meeting; which allows them to air their grouses or know what is happening within the company.

If interested in buying and selling stocks, you are advised to open an account & I would suggest one specifically for this transaction only. Only accounts are used to buy/sell shares.You can buy or sell over 100 plus shares at any time; nothing below this amount is permitted. Kindly note that there are winners and losers daily, based on your individual trade. The time of trade commences from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm. on a weekly (Monday to Friday) basis at JSE.

There may be blackout periods for listed companies, affiliates and joint holders from buying or selling shares during this period. This is as a result of a suspension of shares or a delisting.



Special thanks to Sharlette Edy-Nugent who conducted the presentation given. It was well presented.


Time is Winding Down

Published April 25, 2016 by Eleanor

It seems like yesterday, since we started this entrepreneurship/communication course – COMM3248. We anticipated being bored with figures, long dead-end lectures and the notion that it will be challenging. All’s well that ends well. It has been tremendously great that we have learnt so much in such a short space of time. We have had guest lectures every two weeks and met familiar and unfamiliar faces within the communicative/entrepreneurship industry giving us insights of their struggles starting their business and how it is within this industry. The approach to this course was least expected especially when given the assignment to do a movie review – Our group reviewed “The Intern” and it was my first time watching it.

The reviews from other groups were great but it didn’t stop there. As a group, we had to present our movie in a creative and entertaining manner. All ideas were expected to be solely ours. Prior to the presentation of artistry, we had to do an actual summary of the movie and what was our take of it in terms of communicative entrepreneurship. Who was the leader protagonist within the movie and how did they cope as an entrepreneur based on the attributes they portrayed.

I enjoyed this aspect of the course as it encouraged us as members of the team to work cooperatively.

Make Alone Time with God

Published April 24, 2016 by Eleanor

Jesus rose early to be alone with God, but Peter pursued Him to let Him know that everyone was looking for Him (see Mark 1:35-36). When you get alone to pray, it may seem that everybody tries to hunt you down. But Jesus sought time alone with God so He could focus on His purpose.

We see the scenario of Jesus praying alone and then meeting the needs of others again and again. Jesus went throughout Galilee preaching and driving out demons. When a leper begged to be clean, Jesus touched him, and the leprosy completely left him (see Mark 1:39-42). If Jesus needed to be alone with the Father before He ministered to his disciples; he needed  that time to speak with his Father to get further guidance and direction. This helps in our relationship with Him by spending quality time in His Word.

Matthew 6:6 states “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

A Cocaine “Error,” Much Ado About a Power Cut, Mixed Messages and Contradictions: Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Published April 21, 2016 by Eleanor

It’s been a funny sort of week. Not particularly humorous, but some positive developments to report. Obsessed with power: There was a power cut on Sunday evening, which lasted perhaps half an…

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The RJR/Gleaner Media Merger: Part Two – A Wider Context

Published April 20, 2016 by Eleanor

In this reduction within the job market, we all have to be creatively marketable to survive within these conditions of job reduction.

Petchary's Blog

Here is the second part of communications specialist Dr. Marcia Forbes’ take on the recently announced merger between Jamaica’s two oldest media houses. And yes – there will have to be job cuts. 

Dr. Marcia Forbes is Executive Chairperson of Phase Three Productions. Dr. Marcia Forbes is Executive Chairperson of Phase Three Productions.

Local/Global Trends

As promised, here is another look at the proposed RJR/Gleaner merger. This announcement comes against the backdrop of a media landscape that is constantly evolving globally, regionally and locally. Media changes are being driven not only by technologies such as high speed broadband, the Internet in general and smartphones, but also via mergers and acquisitions accompanied by media convergence and consolidation. Let me focus on Jamaica and start with radio. The merged RJR/Gleaner entity will have five FM radio stations.

Radio Stations’ Revenues

From as far back as 2002 as the then General Manager of TVJ, the decline of local radio was evident. It has…

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